Men of Game Development 2015 Calendar

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Back for 2015, the Men of Game Development calendar project is a tasteful compilation of some of game development's most hunky men ever presented in a 12x12in calendar. 

Our talent scouts have been prowling game development offices across the world in search of only the finest modelling talent. It's our pleasure to announce that we've assembled an insane stable of male talent for the 2015 edition of the Men of Game Development:

  • Mr. January is Dennis Wedin
  • Mr. February is Ken Rolston
  • Mr. March is Nels Anderson
  • Mr. April is Richard Rouse III 
  • Mr. May is John Romero
  • Mr. June is Dave "12Ham" Lang
  • Mr. July is Manveer Heir
  • Mr. August is Jordan Mallory
  • Mr. September is Chris Avellone
  • Mr. October is Chandana Ekanayake
  • Mr. November is Darren Korb
  • Mr. December is Naveen Nattam

BONUS: Buying the Men of Game Development 2015 calendar also gets you the digital version of the calendar for instant download! What a great deal!