Men of Game Development 2016 Calendar

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NOW SHIPPING! For the last two years, the Men of Game Development project has assembled a tasteful collection of hunky development talent. For the 2016 calendar, all rules are off. 

In 2016, the Men of Game Development go XTREME.

This year, all calendars are printed on 12x12 inch pages, full gloss, on the heaviest paper stock that our printers can manage without complaining. 

The class of 2016 is:

  • Dave Lang, Iron Galaxy
  • Steph Goulet, Drinkbox Studios
  • Boon Cotter, Naughty Dog
  • Patrick Miller, Riot Games
  • Manveer Heir, Bioware Montreal
  • Brad Muir, Valve
  • Teddy Dief, Heart Machine
  • Rob Davis, Sony Santa Monica
  • Derek "Mossmouth" Yu
  • Tom French, 343 Industries
  • Martin Sahlin, Coldwood Interactive
  • Dave "ddt" Taylor

Ordering a physical calendar also gets you immediate access to the digital version! Pass the time until the November ship date by staring longingly at your screen!