Men of Game Development 2017 Calendar (and Digital Pack)

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The Grand Canyon. Mount Everest. The Great Barrier Reef. You know them as some of the seven natural wonders in the world.

When you see the Men of Game Development for 2017, you'll need to make room for another twelve.

Over the last four years, we've finely honed the production and format of calendars to produce something that's uniquely suited to the manly physiques that game development produces.

The Men of Game Development 2017 are:

  • Manveer Heir, BioWare Montreal
  • Jonathan Criner, Hi-Rez
  • Andy Xiao, Bungie
  • Steph Goulet, DrinkBox Studios
  • Ben Prunty, Composer
  • Tony Barnes, Double Helix Games
  • Garrett Cooper, Super Duper Game Co.
  • Boon Cotter, Naughty Dog
  • SWERY, Cat Lover and Game Developer
  • Dave Lang, Iron Galaxy Studios and History's Greatest Monster
  • Shawn Alexander Allen, NuChallenger
  • Chip Cheezum, Volition

All calendars are our trademark MAGNUM SIZE - a full twelve square inches on each side on the heaviest and highest paper stock we can find. Printers hate us, FedEx abhors us, but it's all worth it to do these men justice. 

Not only do you get every single month that 2017 has planned, but we'll also throw in a 12x24 centerfold of one of the finest examples of game developer we could find. It's like getting 13 months for the price of 12!